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At Brisbane Physiotherapy Practice, Body Leadership Australia, we believe it is essential
to understand the anatomy and cause of your lower back pain first so you can target
your pain symptoms specifically. Your particular diagnosis will determine the plan of action.
Commonly at Body Leadership we will work closely with your doctor during the acute
stages of lower back pain to provide specialised hands on techniques to settle pain and
muscle spasm. It is essential during this time that you start to acquire new skills that will
stay with you for life. For example you should know how to position yourself correctly
during sleep to avoid pain, be taught how to sit right in a chair, putting as little
strain as possible through the lower back and learn simple skills such as using controlled
gentle movements to ease back pain during this tender stage. If pain was not easing you
would be referred to your doctor for scans or further investigations to clarify cause.

As pain starts to ease it is essential you start to understand your own lower back pain
condition. At Body Leadership Australia we want to empower you with the skills to
manage tension and pain now and forever.
Research tells us that core strength and
exercise are the best management strategies for lower back pain and you will be started
on a specific core strength program tailored to your individual needs. This will be progressed
as appropriate. Although extremely effective, our experience has taught us that by itself,
strength is not enough. To get best results you will also be progressed to a specialist self
management program developed by Body Leadership Australia principal, Paul Trevethan,
SSTM Every Day. In this program you will be shown the keys to unlocking tension in your
body. You will learn how to recognise early warning signs and nip problems in the bud. Body
Leadership Australia use the latest medical evidence based techniques incorporating them
into a simple format that anyone can use to ease lower back pain for good.

At Body Leadership Australia our goal is to get you out of pain and back into life faster. We
want to empower you with the skills to prevent lower back pain for good. As you develop and
use these simple, quick strategies (SSTM), you will save money on medical costs of physio,
chiro and more. You will have more time and energy for you and your family and be able to get
back to the things you always loved to do.

For more information on lower back pain or to speak to one of our friendly physiotherapists
call 07 3847 8040. Our physiotherapy resources also provide information on Lower Back Anatomy
and the 8 Most Common Causes of Lower Back Pain.