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Body Leadership Australia was excited to host a training session with dance
physiotherapist expert, Zara Gomes, regarding the treatment of dance injuries on
the 2nd of August.

Zara has a wealth of experience spanning both private practice and dance companies
including the Australian Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet and Ballet Frankfurt.

Zara's love for dancing sprouted at the young age of four and has carried through her
study and work life. Zara initially set out sixteen years ago after completing her degree
with the goal to be a dance physiotherapist, a title unheard of at the time. Zara was
determined to pursue her dream and with her passion for working with dancers to improve
their health and reduce injuries, nothing could stop her. 

Sixteen years later, Dance Physiotherapist is a recognised specialty within the field and
Zara has worked with some of the top dancers around the world. 

                                           (Paul Trevethan and Zara Gomes)
"I find treating dancers inspiring. Knowing that you played some part in allowing that
dancer to go out and give that amazing performance is a great feeling and is what keeps 
me motivated."

In recent years Zara has been working at the Victorian College of the Arts as a
physiotherapist and lecturer in anatomy and physiology.

"I've really enjoyed the lecturing side of the work. I'm a strong believer that through
gaining knowledge about the body everyone, especially dancers, can perform to a higher
and better standard."

Zara's presentation focussed on the major causes of injuries in Ballet, specifically discussing 
posterior ankle impingement and stress fracture of the 2nd metatarsal bone. 

Zara discussed treatment and rehabilitation for these injuries and gave the attending
physiotherapists some great pointers. 

We would like to thank Zara for sharing her expertise. Body Leadership is excited to
continue working closely with Zara providing consultant sessions for dance assessments and
dance related injuries. 

For more information please give our office a call on 3847 8040.