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After training for six months for the half ironman our September Body Leader of the Month was injured just two weeks out from the big race. While Ian was still able to finish, the event has changed his focus to injury prevention to make sure he is at his best next time. Paul recently caught up with Ian to discuss what he now does as a body leader.

Q1. What inspired you to initially start looking after your body?

I was a bit sick of losing all the hard work I'd been doing in training, by getting a simple but preventable injury. It was at that point that I realised I needed to listen to what my body was tellling me, so I can keep doing what I love long term.

Q2. What do you currently do to look after your body?

My back and legs are the main areas that I focus on. I now target core strength and have recently commenced self release strategies to get to the next level and stay injury free.

Q3. What motivates you to continue being proactive with your body?

The fact that I want to be able to race consistently. Racing is really what keeps me training.

Q4. What is your favourite form of exercise?

Running! I love to go for a long run and zone out to my music.

Q5. What is your top health tip?

Listen to what your body is telling you. If something starts feeling unusual and not right, stop and get it checked. I have lost a lot of time over the years by pushing through injuries, and then being out for longer because I did more damage.

Q6. How do you know when your body is asking for help?

Pretty much like I said before, when something doesn't feel right. Sometimes it's tension or a niggle that you haven't felt before.

Commonly it is a pain that you haven't felt before.

Q7. What strategies do you find work best for you?

Stretching makes a massive difference for me. I had a lot of flexibility when I was younger and I never got injured. Then as I tightened up I started having things go wrong. As I get older I am also using the history of my body and I am making a point to target tension in areas of previous injuries.

Q8. What is your greatest physical achievement?

That's a hard one...sub 4hr Gold Coast and I also completed a half ironman last month. I was injured just two weeks before so I came in to Body Leadership and was able to still finish the race which was a massive achievement in itself. But that has made me refocus my strategies to being proactive at all points. There is no way I am going to train for six months and then be slowed up at the last minute again!

Q9. What is your goal for the future of your body?

Increase my flexibility through stretching and self release strategies, to prevent further injuries and keep racing for as long as I can. 

Q10. What is your definition of a Body Leader?

Somebody who listens to their body and then takes action without needing injury or pain to motivate them.

We'd like to thank Ian for his time and insights into what he does as a body leader. We are all very proud of his achievements so far and are looking forward to hearing about all his future races!