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Body Leadership was excited to launch the Ask Physio Paul Blog on Wednesday 5th October. To get the conversation started we held an informal discussion night where guests were able to ask respected physiotherapist, Paul Trevethan, their questions. 

Paul welcomed guests with an introduction to the blog explaining that when he first started Body Leadership his goal was to give people the freedom to improve their quality of life. "Through treatment at our physiotherapy practice we have been fortunate to help a number of people, but we have found that it is through sharing our knowledge and information that we can really make a difference long term."

"To continue our vision of empowering people through education we have chosen to launch our blog - Ask Physio Paul. It is my hope that our messages will be passed on to generations to come and that in 20, 30, 50 years there will be people living a better quality of life because of the information we've shared." The launch of Ask Physio Paul is a great step towards this goal and has begun to send the messages of Body Leadership out to the wider community. 

The rest of the evening was filled with interesting questions from our guests covering off on post op hip replacement rehabilitation, pre op knee reconstruction exercises as well as general questions about pain.   Paul has released all his answers from the night on the blog which you can view here

We would like to thank all our guests who were apart of the night for their questions and involvement. We look forward to continuing on our journey and helping as many people as we can. Don't forget to check out Ask Physio Paul and ask away!