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While getting up early on a Sunday morning to swim 3.8km, ride 180km and top it off with a marathon (42.2km) run, might not be every one's idea of a relaxing weekend, our April Body Leader of the Month can't get enough of the challenge. In March this year David completed his second Ironman Triathlon in Melbourne, but it wasn't just the personal feat that he reached, he also raised over $5000 for his chosen charity Tour de Cure. Paul recently caught up with David to discuss what he does as a body leader.

Q1. What inspired you to initially start looking after your body?

I was always attracted to athletics and sports at a young age. I enjoy keeping fit and the physical and mental benefits that come with it.

Q2. What do you currently do to look after your body?

On March 24, I completed the Ironman Triathlon in Melbourne, So for three months prior I was spending 8-10 hrs a week swimming, cycling and running in preparation for that.

Q3. What motivates you to continue being proactive with your body?

I love the challenge that long distance events like Ironman Triathlons and Marathons offer and would like to keep competing in events like this for as long as possible.

Q4. What is your favourite form of exercise?

I don't have a particular favourite. As you can probably guess I enjoy swimming, cycling and running as well as surfing when I get the change. 

Q5. What is your top health tip?

Exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, take Vitamin C 1000mg daily and drink plenty of water.

Q6. How do you know when your body is asking for help?

It tells me. Fatigue, injury and illness are the warning signs - listen to them!

Q7. What strategies do you find work best for you?

I maintain a sound base fitness level and incrementally build to reach target training levels or goals of specific races.

Q8. What is your greatest physical achievement?

I've now completed two Ironman Triathlons. The first one was at Port Macquarie in 2009. I've also completed 5 marathons, including Boston, London and Melbourne (3 times) with a pb of 2hrs 53mins back in 1992.

Q9. What is your goal for the future of your body?

Long term I want to stay fit and healthy. Short term I'm looking at introducing strength and weights training into my routine.

Q10. What is your definition of a Body Leader?

Your body is a temple and you should worship it. Worshiping comes in many forms, i.e exercise, nutrition, hydration, sleep, massage, physio, Pilates, Yoga, stretching, weights etc. Anyone who pursues these activities and enjoys the physical and mental benefits associated with them is a body leader.

We'd like to thank David for his time and providing us with an insight into what he does as a body leader. Keep an eye out for our next body leader it could be you!