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From bizarre allergic reactions to treating on ants nests and under gum trees, the 2010 Endeavour Foundation 500km Summer Challenge was full of surprises and unforgettable moments for Brisbane physiotherapy clinic 

Body Leadership Australia.  

Celebrating its 5th year of supporting the Endeavour Foundation Summer Challenge, Body Leadership Australia physio was ready for action in 2010. This year’s race saw over 210 runners from Brisbane and throughout south east Queensland take on the hills and highways in an effort to raise funds for people with a disability. The run was able to raise $53, 882.75 this year which was a massive effort.


The event kicked off at 4.45am on Friday the 19th of November which meant a leisurely 2.30am start for those lucky enough to live within an hour of the start line! Paul from Body Leadership followed the Bayside Runners helping to prepare, warm up, tape and generally keep the guys on their feet. But before he could tackle the back aches and ankle sprains he found himself heading full speed towards Rathdowney hospital with a runner whose entire right side was blowing up faster than a clown’s balloon at a birthday party. 

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Body Leadership Australia.  

Two hours later after ruling out spiders, wasps, bushes and any type of tree the doctors had him stable enough for discharge, but were still stumped as to the cause. The support vehicle rushed to Boonah to catch up with the race where they found six more victims scratching and welting away in the sun. Was it contagious? As it turns out some chemical had got onto the safety vests! The culprit vests were gathered up and unceremoniously dumped. Luckily everyone survived and lived to run another day.


The heat took its toll on the runners and physio was kept busy setting up under gum trees to shade from the sun. At one stage Paul was 10 minutes into tackling back pain and taping ankles before green ants started to make their way up the table. Not a good treatment technique! Physio Clinics were set up till late at night and everyone was ready to go again before sunrise.


The weekend was tough at times but everything was tackled with a laugh and a smile. The runners also got to indulge in some of the local treats including homemade biscuits from the Kingaroy Kitchen and Fernvale bakeries famous pies. It was great to see the Bayside runners winning the team spirit award on Sunday and Team Victory taking the overall win.


Body Leadership Physiotherapy was extremely proud to be involved in the Endeavour Foundation Summer Challenge and looks forward to getting back out there with an even bigger physio support team for more adventures in 2011!