Ergonomic Assessments Brisbane

For many office based workers, poor posture is the underlying cause of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders that can result in workcover claims. Ergonomic assessments are an effective tool that can ensure your employee's work areas are designed correctly to minimise risk of injury, reduce workcover claims and maximise productivity. 
Our ergonomic assessments are: 
Cost Effective 
Include Full Written Reports
Conducted by experienced health professionals
Compliance Based
Incorporates SSTM® Injury Prevention  
Tailored Ergonomic Assessment Options Available
Our ergonomic assessments cater for both small and large organisations and can be tailored to suit your needs in a cost effective way. Options include:
1. Standard Assessment
2. Group Ergonomic Training
3. Train the Trainer programs and materials
4. Home Office Assessments
5. Vehicle Assessments
For more information or to organise an ergonomic assessment please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 3847 8040 or inquire online here.