Fatigue Management Training Brisbane

In our modern 24/7 world shift work is a reality of life for millions. This means many people are working longer hours, taking longer to recover from injury, and missing out on sleep. In fact, 21.9% of workers report experiencing fatigue over prolonged periods.*

So what is fatigue?

  • An increasing difficulty in performing physical and mental activities from a lack of replenishing sleep.
  • Fatigue is also influenced by time of day and length of time awake.

Body Leadership provides Fatigue Management Training to support staff with Fatigue Management Policies as well as create a culture of awareness and prevention. Our training ensures that Fatigue Management Policy is not only outlined to staff but also that employees are given clear guidelines and skills for fulfilling their personal responsibility towards managing fatigue risk factors in the workplace.

Each aspect of Body Leadership's Fatigue Management Training aims to equip employees with the skills and knowledge to achieve an injury free workplace. All components are fully tailored by Body Leadership to ensure the specific needs identified by your organisation are met.


'Excellent course about time for this type of 24hr/7 day industry.' 28 November 2012

'Good content, easy to follow, good to have some practical exercises and hands on training.' 21 November 2012

'Gives managers, team leaders easy to understand yet practical tools for managing fatigue. This course gave valuable information, for already busy managers without overloading them. Great prevention techniques.' 14 November 2012

'Some useful tips on how lifestyle factors can influence fatigue.' 14 November 2012

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