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Body Leadership is proud to be helping out one of our friends in supporting Felicity's Wish
Foundation's 3rd Annual Cocktail Party.

Felicity Purcell's life ended on the 5th August 2008 at the young age of just 33 after enduring
a year long battle with breast cancer.

Felicity's Wish is a foundation established in October 2008 by her friends and family as a
memorial to ensure her life long goals are perpetuated.

Felicity was an extremely passionate, vibrant young woman and the Felicity's Wish Foundation
aims to continue that passion in the many avenues that were significant to her. Felicity began
her career as a paediatric nurse and as a result she was very enthusiastic about caring for
sick children, working with community organisations and the many aspects of breast cancer.


This years cocktail party will be held at The Strand, Rugby Quay on August 5th and will raise
funds for a variety of charities to assist in the fight against breast cancer. Last year the
foundation was able to raise an amazing $75,000 and they are aiming even higher this year. To
find out more information about how you can help or to purchase your ticket please visit