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After many months of training and countless hours of preparation the Gold Coast Marathon 
finally arrived on the 3rd of July. Body Leadership had been looking forward to the day
and was excited to be supporting the Bayside Runners team. 

The day began very early for the team's two captains Mick Gill and Corina Bailey-Connonlly 
being the first to arrive to set up the support tent. Paul from Body Leadership joined them
well before dawn to begin preparing the runners.

The half marathon kicked off first around 6am followed by the full marathon about an hour
later. The first lot of competitors started to trickle in after 7am with that trickle
soon becoming a flood of people, keeping Paul very busy looking after recovery programs.

By the time the marathon competitors started finishing there were a lot of sore bodies around. 
So much so, that there were hundreds of people that couldn't even climb the stairs to the bridge
across the track and were literally shuffling backwards on their bottoms to reach their teams
for a rest. 

                   (Paul treating in the support tent)                                                    (Runners take off)
Paul said it was amazing to be dealing with the runners immediately after their race and hear
everyone's individual story. From dealing with debilitating cramps over the last 5km,
excruciating knee and lower back pain to just pure exhaustion they had experienced it all.

Congratulations go out to all Bayside Runners who completed the half or full marathons. A big
congratulations to Ryan Story who completed his first full marathon, to Mick Gill who completed
the marathon with his brother as well as Angela Jackman for her personal best time.

It was an amazing day for all those who attended and for newcomers it was quite incredible to
see the team spirit. Runners finishing first quickly took up their spots in front of the tent to
encourage their fellow competitors. Well pass the five hour mark the crowds voices were hoarse from
cheering and hands bright red from clapping in recognition of each individual marathoner's efforts.
The atmosphere was something special!

A big shout out to the Japanese gentlemen who did the marathon with a full size tuba and came
down the home stretch playing "oh when the saints coming marching in". His display pretty much
sums up the day, fun, dedication, comradery and a real testament to human spirit.

Body Leadership had a fantastic day and can't wait to be there with the Bayside Runners next

You can check out all our photos from the day on our Facebook Page!