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With her weight yo-yoing throughout the majority of her adult life, our November body leader of the month decided that 2012 was going to be the year she took control of her body. After joining weight watchers, getting back into pilates reformer work and taking up the chance to walk wherever she can, Giselle has reached her goal weight and has never felt better. We recently caught up with Giselle to discuss what she does as a body leader. 

Q1. What inspired you to initially start looking after your body?

My mum has mature onset type 2 diabetes and I've also known a few ladies who were diagnosed with breast cancer. Knowing that being overweight is a significant factor for both of these health issues, and having yo-yoed for the majority of my adulthood I decided it was time to take control of my body. I wanted to reach a healthy weight to decrease my chances of either of those as well as wanting to be around for my children.

Q2. What do you currently do to look after your body?

I am a mad walking woman! I walk as often as possible, including incidentally whether its popping down to the shops or leaving the car at school and walking home. I wear a pedometer to keep a track and aim to walk 10 000 steps a day.

I also do pilates on the reformer at Body Leadership 2-3 times a week and joined weight watchers this year. I've now reached my goal but am continuing to track my food and try to eat fresh fruit, veges and a balanced diet.

Q3. What motivates you to continue being proactive with your body?

Feeling healthy, energetic and pain free in my back really keeps me going, but also being content with myself and body image is a great reward. 

Q4. What is your favourite form of exercise?

Walking and also the pilates reformer workout.

Q5. What is your top health tip?

Cut down on the alcohol, try and be as active as possible and be consistent. Eat regularly and sensibly but don't deny yourself - because you will crave! Just try to have a smaller portion.

Q6. How do you know when your body is asking for help?

I feel tired and have pain.

Q7. What strategies do you find work best for you?

Being consistent with my exercise and eating and making sure I get help when it's needed.

Q8. What is your greatest physical achievement?

Reaching my goal weight, which with exercise has completely changed my shape and physique.

Q9. What is your goal for the future of your body?

To maintain how I feel and the strength I have achieved over this year.

Q10. What is your definition of a Body Leader?

Someone who tries to be consistent with their body and isn't afraid to ask for help.

We would like to thank Giselle for her time and congratulate her on the fantastic results she has achieved this year! Make sure you keep up to date with all things Body Leadership on Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye out, our next Body Leader of the Month could be you!