Seminar Recap - Reduce LTI's at Work

Body Leadership Australia was excited to host a seminar to support Safe Work Week at our Coorparoo headquarters on Wednesday the 24th of October. Hosted by Director, Paul Trevethan the seminar focused on leadership strategy for reducing injuries at work.

Paul outlined how modern companies require an organisational strategy to prevent injuries and how it is essential to combine this with injury prevention techniques on a very personal and individualised level. To explain how this can be achieved, Paul took the group through the concepts of responsibility, empowerment and prevention as individuals.

Paul discussed how responsibility starts at a personal level by understanding how the body behaves and potential risk factors. 'It is then essential to empower staff with an understanding as well as a set of injury prevention skills,' he said. 

Paul took the group through SSTM® injury prevention techniques outlining how with the right information and understanding people can be empowered to ease their own tension and nip problems in the bud, before they escalate to a more serious injury. He then spoke about how organisations can lead and educate a culture of injury prevention by teaching their people SSTM® strategies and incorporating simple techniques and skills into the culture of an organisation on a daily basis.

Paul outlined how leading organisations are now further improving injury records by addressing risk factors using a powerful combination of 'hierarchy of control' (eliminate, isolate, engineer etc.) as well as SSTM®. Now days Paul explained, many modern organisations are taking a 'top down' approach to injury prevention, in that they are utilising 'SSTM® Everyday' as a leadership tool to drive a culture of understanding and awareness. This can be cultivated so that staff at all levels have the ability to prevent injuries BEFORE they escalate to an injury.

To finish off the seminar Paul opened the floor to questions about the most common injuries experienced at our guest's workplaces. It was identified that shoulders and lower backs present the most frequent complaints. Paul took the group through specific ways to release these areas, explaining that as our bodies are interconnected the specific area of pain is not always the obvious cause.

We'd like to thank all our guests for attending and hope you found the information helpful. For further information about how Body Leadership's Workplace Injury Solutions can help your organisations reduce LTI's and prevent injuries please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 3847 8040 or inquire online here.