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On the 16th Of May 2012 Body Leadership Australia was excited to host our 'Get Your Body Marathon Ready' seminar. Principal Physiotherapist, Paul Trevethan, discussed the need for runners to understand their bodies from a holistic perspective. He explained that runners not only need to target their legs but their whole body to optimise performance.

Paul discussed how muscle tension leading up to a marathon can have an effect on blood supply which in turn can affect performance. 'People forget that when a muscle is tight the first thing it contracts upon is its own circulation. So at a time when a muscle needs more blood supply, better waste removal and better oxygen delivery it is actually getting less of all these things,' he said. Tension left unchecked puts a cap on performance and specifically decreases both endurance and strength of muscles in the lead up to a marathon.

Because of this Paul talked about recovery strategies being essential for performance as well as preventing injury in the lead up to a race. Paul addressed the fact that many runners often do not stretch regularly which can be a limiting factor to performance. 'In particular hip flexor length can affect stride length which translates to speed and endurance,' he explained. Paul looked at specific stretching strategies for recovery targeting all fibres of a muscle as well as demonstrating PNF and nerve stretching strategies.  

Paul talked about using ice baths and discussed how it can help to target residual inflammation due to the high work load. Ice, he explained, can also assist with the desensitising and deactivating of trigger points which can cause fatigue, biomechanical changes as well as pain leading into the race.

Paul then took the group through a muscle self release strategy and discussed the difference between trigger points and connective tissue release. He showed the group a number of techniques for foot, shins, quads, ITB, hamstrings and even lower back so that competitors can really start taking control of their body and optimise their performance as the race gets closer. Finally, Paul showed the group a specific movement strategy to use on the morning of the face so runners are right, ready to go.

We'd like to thank all of our guests for attending and we are looking forward to hearing about everyone's times on the day. Paul will be at the Gold Coast Marathon preparing runners before the race as well as helping with recovery strategies straight after and will hopefully get time to cheer on some PB times. For all of you running the race, we wish you good luck and all the best.

If you were unable to make it to our seminar and think this information could be of benefit - why not organise for us to come to you! Body Leadership's physio team are available for seminars to discuss with running groups or sports clubs specific strategies on how to look after their bodies. To organise a group session or for more information please do not hesitate to contact us on 3847 8040 or simply Click here to fill out an online inquiry form.