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On Wednesday the 22nd of June Body Leadership Australia held the next instalment
of their 2011 Community Education Series. It was a full house to hear Body Leadership
Principal Physiotherapist, Paul Trevethan, discuss taking a leadership role in regards
to all aspects of health, especially nutrition.

Paul talked about the physiological mechanisms of muscle contraction and looked at
what can happen when specific nutrients become depleted. It was interesting to learn
that 56% of all people are magnesium deficient and how that can play out in symptoms
like tremors, weakness and muscle spasm.

Paul explained that many times headaches and migraines can also be associated with
magnesium deficiency. All attendees participated in a zinc taste test where if zinc levels
were low the taste was quite watery and if levels were high the taste was quite
unpleasant. It was interesting to see the range of reactions amongst the group from
pretty much no taste at all right through to wanting to spit it out into the cup. 

Paul talked about how zinc is extremely important for the immune system and particularly
protein synthesis which is essential for muscle development and repair. Everyone came
away from the evening having a better understanding of specific strategies for optimising
nutrition for muscles through magnesium, zinc, vitamin b as well as proper food habits.
These strategies were taught to help optimise and reduce muscle tightness as well as
help general wellbeing.

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