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Body Leadership Australia was excited to host our first running workshop on Saturday the 9th of March. 

The day kicked off at St Thomas Primary School with an opening from Body Leadership Australia Director, Paul Trevethan welcoming every one and providing an overview of what the day would include. Ultra-marathon runner, Will Wragg then took over and began to explain the keys behind running injury free. Will took the group through practical running examples to implement the techniques into their running style. Focusing on a strong core, lean and posture attendees were introduced to the world of Chi Running. 

Body Leadership Australia's Muscle and Conditioning Specialist, Angela Kenworthy, then took the group through a core strength program covering key exercises beneficial for runners. After Will's explanation it was evident that a strong core provides stability whilst running and can also help with keeping breathing relaxed and smooth.

To finish off the workshop attendees were taken through practical self-myofascial release strategies using three key tools, the foam roller, Footeez and trigger point ball. Attendees were shown by Paul and then had the chance themselves to release their legs, calfs and glutes using the tools - which was found particularly beneficial for those coming straight form parkrun. 

We would like to thank all our attendees for joining us for a great day and we hope you found the information helpful. After popular demand we are holding the next workshop on Saturday the 20th of April, once again at St Thomas Primary School in Camp Hill. If you would like to register your interest for the workshop please fill out the form below to secure your spot.

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