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Injuries in sport are often acute, meaning that they are of sudden onset with a definite mechanism of injury i.e. rolling an ankle, tackling in rugby and injuring the shoulder or being struck in the back. Immediate care of acute injuries includes RICE. Acute injuries often require a break from sport to allow the area to heal. Use of taping, splinting or bracing to protect the injured area as you graduate back to a full return to sport is recommended.

Chronic injuries are also common with sport and they develop over time e.g. stress fractures from fast bowling in cricket, runners knee from over training and even tendonitis from pitching in baseball. The cause of chronic injuries can be varied and require a full assessment looking at biomechanics, technique and equipment.

Regardless of the cause, it is important to alert the coaching staff to the injury and seek attention from your physiotherapist who can complete a full orthopaedic examination to determine the degree of injury and appropriate course of action. It may be necessary for you to take time away from the sport, or moderate your activity level, to avoid prolonged injury. It will be essential for you to continue a modified exercise regime to maintain strength and fitness as you graduate activity back to competition.