Workplace Injury Solutions - Testimonials from Clients

Harsco Infrastructure

Marian Vierveyzer, Health & Safety Advisor/Injury Management Advisor

'I have had experience with a number of other training initiatives, however when we went to review our program we wanted to look at something that would provide self management strategies for the team. We liked that Body Leadership's training was designed by a physio with a focus on the individual. The training was very practical and has provided us with personal techniques to support our ongoing training and development programme.'

Read the Harsco Case Study here.

Incitec Pivot Limited

Bob Marshall, Safety and Training Manager - Brisbane Operations

'Body Leadership's training has been received great by all the guys, I am yet to hear anything negative. I think what everyone really appreciated was that the training did not only focus on work situations it was about a whole life concept. The sessions were very practical and not just tick and flick theory which some workers have previously completed and not found very beneficial. It was practical demonstrations which kept the guys interested and learning.'

Read the Incitec Pivot Limited Case Study here.

Star Scaffolds

Chris Smith

'Our men really responded to Body Leadership's SSTM training and they are still using the skills they were taught months after.'

Brisbane Scaffold Hire

Steve Gaffney, Manager

'We wanted to cover our compliance responsibilities and have practical strategies for our men to lift correctly and nip problems in the bud. We liked that Body Leadership had worked with a lot of scaffolding companies and understood the industry.' 


Daryl Mears, Director IPCQ

'It was an excellent training program. Great to be compliant while also giving our guys ways to nip problems in the bud. The team was very appreciative.'

Central Scaffold

Ray Bachler

'I hadn't seen the men pay attention to that extent before. They were truly happy to be there. Our guys got a lot out of it.'

Incitec Pivot

Roy Carter, Operator

'We do a lot of training and that was up there with the very best'.  

NCM Scaffolds

Danny Gray, Manager

'Twelve months ago our team was having major issues with LTI's. We decided to try Body Leadership's Workplace Program because the frequency of injuries were driving us nuts.

Since then sprains and strains have plummeted by 87.5%! Not only do our guys now know how to lift properly, they also know how to nip problems in the bud. The skills the guys were taught have been incredibly useful and easy to implement. The Body Leadership programs are well run, cost effective and the results speak for themselves.'

Bulwer Maintenance Group

Mark Stafford, HSE Advisor to Bulwer Maintenance Group

'In 2010 the Bulwer Maintenance Group (BMG) trialled the ‘Body Leadership Program’ which is a manual handling program for employees.

It is no coincidence that in 2010 the BMG 'Sprains and Strains' injuries and incidents have reduced by over 50%. I submit this program has been well received by all participating BMG personnel on site and the program contributed to this reduction.

Going forward in 2011, BMG will continue to support this program and take from it the benefits that it offers. This type of program also supports the BMG successful injury management system assisting in stopping injuries escalating to increased levels.

Body leadership Australia have also attended the 2010 ‘National Safety week’ and ‘Safety Stand Down’ at the BP Bulwer Island Refinery.'

Testimonials from the Workers

'I would be keen to do follow up classes on my own time. I think that everyone on site should do this course including management!' 21 October 2013

'Very good presentation.' 21 October 2013

'I will try to put to practice' 21 October 2013

'Very good. Thank you.' 21 October 2013

'Very information, a few tricks learnt.' 21 October 2013

'Learnt new stuff.' 21 October 2013

'Well executed, clear explanations and information relevant to everyday tasks. Trainers clear and concise. Course is very helpful.' 21 October 2013

'Very good demonstrations.' 21 October 2013

'I found it highly useful and informative.' 21 October 2013

'Training well organised and very detailed.' 21 October 2013

'Thanks guys. I learned lots.' 21 October 2013

'Was very helpful. Showed me ways to help/fix muscle strains.' 21 October 2013

'Very handy knowledge. Will improve quality of life. Great maintenance.' 21 October 2013

'Triggers are highly effective, thanks for helping me find them!' 25 September 2013

'Very informative! Thank you.' 25 September 2013

'Very enjoyable program. Helped me to understand my own personal problems and how to use trigger points to release the pain.' 25 September 2013

'Very good, learnt a lot.' 11 September 2013

'Very helpful.' 11 September 2013

'Very practical.' 11 September 2013

'Trainer very enthusiastic. Good!' 4 September 2013

'Easy to understand. Helped immensely with ongoing joint pain.' 4 September 2013

'Very good.' 18 September 2013

'Good job. Specific information and tools that are easy to use.' 28 August 2013

'Targets issues for individuals.' 28 August 2013

'Excellent session. Definitely learnt some new things. SSTM new to me and got some techniques for current issues. Thanks.' 28 August 2013 

'Good course.' 28 August 2013

'Very good thanks.' 28 August 2013

'Very valuable information provided for both work and home activity.' 21 August 2013

'Well done and thanks!'

'Very informative.' 21 August 2013

'Very enjoyable, educational and presented in a great way.' 20 August 2013

'Excellent explanations, examples and information.' 20 August 2013

'Very useful in our service.' 20 August 2013

'Very informative and enjoyable. Thanks!' 21 May 2013

'Enjoyed.' 21 May 2013

'I enjoyed the course. Very useful and fun.' 21 May 2013

'Very good.' 21 May 2013

'Very interesting.' 21 May 2013

'Excellent course.' 28 November 2012

'Helpful.' 28 November 2012

'Very good.' 28 November 2012

'Good commnunication and well explained.' 28 November 2012

'Good course learnt a lot.' 28 November 2012

'Good content, easy to follow, good to have some practical exercises and hands on training.' 21 November 2012

'Very informative, interesting.' 21 November 2012

'Learnt a lot and enjoyed.' 14 November 2012

'Informative and well structured course.' 14 November 2012

'Enjoyed the course. Informative.' 7 November 2012

'Very useful for life.' 7 November 2012

'Very practical. Can apply very well and was enjoyable.' 7 November 2012

'Good training for my field of work. Also was good fun. This training was enjoyable.' 6 November 2012

'Very good course, entertaining and practical. Would like to be able to do this course regularly to learn, especially the exercises.' 18 October 2012

'Informative and knowledgable.' 18 October 2012

'Well presented and easy to follow.' 18 October 2012

'Awesome, excellent material and presentation.' 18 October 2012

'Easy to understand.' 18th October 2012

'The ball for trigger points is useful, will be able to utilise this within the work environment.' 18th October 2012

'This course is excellent! I think it will help me not only with work but in my daily living. I am at an age where any help to keep me active is important. Thank you.' 18th October 2012

'Amazing how much we don't know about our own bodies. Really appreciate the education on trigger points. Definitely measures I will take with me for the rest of my life.' 15th October 2012

'Great learning touch points and releases for muscles.' 15th October 2012

'Useful stuff.' 15th October 2012

'Great information that can be used as a reference ongoing. Thank you.' 15th October 2012

'Demo's very relevant. SSTM strategy is a very useful tool for ongoing workplace management.' 15th October 2012 

'Very good. I learnt a lot that will help me for the rest of my life.' 29th August 2012

'Very good and it was easy to understand.' 29th August 2012

'Excellent whole of life skills - can be applied at home as well at work. Very worthwhile.' 29th August 2012

'As an organisation we need to get more people to attend. It's an excellent session!' 22nd August 2012

'Very practical and helpful. Thank you.' 21st August 2012

'Found out lots of information and all very useful.' 21st August 2012

'Enjoyed it a lot.' 21st August 2012

'Very knowledgable. I really liked the practical lifts.' 21st August 2012

'Very informative - I realise I must look after my body for the future.' 21st August 2012

'Well presented and ample time for questions and answers.' 4th July 2012

'Overall I was very happy with the course and learnt a lot.' 4th July 2012

 'Very informative. Certainly learnt a lot.' 4th July 2012

'I really enjoyed it. Learned a lot, no additional changes required. Thankyou.' 6th June 2012

'Finding trigger points was a great tool to learn for work and home. Could not fault course.' 6th June 2012

'I found the course very relevant and on target.' 23rd May 2012

'Very well set out course, I learnt quite a lot of useful info.' 23rd May 2012

'Course was not too long or too short. Very informative and useful.' 23rd May 2012

'Very pleased with content found it personally interesting.' 22nd May 2012

'I think things covered were done clearly and well presented and informative.' 22nd May 2012

'Learnt new ideas. The dynamic warm up and release points are very helpful.' 21st May 2012

'I believe that this course is very helpful to do with our line of work. Also playing cricket I have more knowledge of stretching and the prevention of injuries. Out of 10 I give it a 10 excellent!' 16th May 2012

'Better than other body maintenance courses provided by the company.' 16th May 2012

'Additional training is on going, and this method ensures that the processes are embedded in the brain.' 16th May 2012

'I found the course to be very informative in a two hour period. I will take away useful information that I can share with my friends and family.' 16th May 2012

'I think that training was very good and should be repeated in time to keep everythign in mind.' 18th April 2012

'It was very helpful and I enjoyed it, I have also been taught the basic techniques on how to do basic stretches.' 18th April 2012

'Very good and useful.' 18th April 2012

'I believe this course was helpful. Great skills and learnt how to do things correctly.' 18th April 2012

'Very good course. Valuable information to provide a better quality of life.' 21st March 2012

'The course was well presented and useful info.' 22nd February 2012

'Great lift tools and the practical work is excellent. After the session my body is more supple.' 15th February 2012

'Training was excellent.' 15th February 2012

'Very informative and helpful not only in the workplace but at home as well.' 15th February 2012

'Interesting and informative.' 14th December 2011

'Very interesting, learnt a bit about exercise and body skills.' 14th December 2011

'All was good. One of the better courses I have attended.' 14th December 2011

'Fantastic. Well presented. Beneficial.' 14th December 2011

'Learnt a lot from this training.' 7th December 2011

'Thank you very much will use on a daily basis.' 7th December 2011

'Good course. Helpful and handy.' 30th November 2011

'Useful information and very hands on training session.' 29th November 2011

'Great course, well presented in simple terms. Really enjoyed it.' 23rd November 2011

'Nothing. Very well done. I learnt a lot and had a great day. Thank you.' 23rd November 2011

'Learnt heaps about body movements and stretches.' 17th November 2011

'Well presented and meaningful for work and home. Lots of good tips.' 10th November 2011

'Excellent information and well explained.' 10th November 2011

'Very good course - simple easy to understand.' 10th November 2011

'Excellent course.' 9th November 2011

'Interesting and valuable. Useful methods for home and work.' 9th November 2011

'Excellent course. Very relevant in ageing work force.' 8th November 2011

'The course was extremely informative and I took away things that I feel sure will help me in the future.' 8th November 2011

'Time allocated was good, very practical, will take on board.' 26th October 2011

'The course is fantastic. I've learnt a lot, and just need to apply my knowledge.' 24th August 2011

'Very informative, enjoyable, professional delivery.' 24th August 2011

'No change. Enjoyed practical and theory content - easy content.' 27th July 2011

'I feel every worker needs to know body leadership it is very useful for work doing what we do. It has helped me to more understand my muscles, healthy body, healthy mind makes good attitude for work. Trigger points excellent to know. Self release techniques enables me to be ready for anything. Thanks alot.' 18th May 2011

'This was a great course and I would like to participate in a refresher course every 3 months.' 18th May 2011

'I feel I have learned about muscle groups that I will use through my work.' 18th May 2011

'Very helpful, interesting and very useful. Recommend this course to all workers.' 18th May 2011

'I found some of the stretches very beneficial in removing pain in certain parts of my body. I feel the training course should be accessible to everyone in the company.' 18th May 2011

'Excellent communication, verbally well presented. Would like to see it extended.' 18th May 2011