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Body Leadership Australia was excited to visit Wishart Village on the 13th of July for an information session.

With a full house of residents, Paul opened the afternoon by sharing his path as a physiotherapist. Paul explained that his vision, that underlines the Body Leadership Australia practice, is that by sharing information and strategies with the community this will be passed on to generations to come to improve quality of life.

A brief anatomy lesson was then covered focusing particularly on joints and muscles. Paul used volunteers from the audience to illustrate how our connective tissue and trigger points can be thought of as locking mechanisms that tighten the muscles and can result in injury or pain.

Paul then took the group through the Body Leadership concept. Using the whiteboard he explained that while most people are motivated by pain a body leader is motivated by information. Linking in with this Paul then discussed how guests can take a leadership role and become body leaders. Using Body Leadership's unique strategy SSTM® Everyday that incorporates the four rules of muscles, Paul took the group through four simple steps, Squeeze, Stretch, Trigger and Move.

Squeeze was demonstrated by residents sitting down and squeezing their shoulders back.

Stretch was shown by standing and utilsing a hip flexor stretch or for those residents who were less mobile stretching by raising their arm.

Trigger was illusted by placing guest's thumbs to the trigger point on their chest. As for many this was an introduction to trigger points, Paul and Reese guided the group by helping individuals find the pleaure pain spot.

Move was then applied through a simple roll down activity where guests were asked to look at a point on the ceiling and see how movement would increase their range allowing them to look at a further point after the exercise.

These strategies were then applied to the pain caused by arthritis. It was explained to guests that by using SSTM® Everyday the muscle pain aspect of arthritis can be reduced and relieved, the earlier in the process these skills are used the better outcomes can be long term.

The session was then opened up for questions from the guests with areas of concern including hands, fingers, medication and cramps.

We'd like to thank all the residents from Wishart Village for a great session and delicious afternoon tea! If you believe an information session could assist your community group or workplace please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on 07 3847 8040.