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Body Leadership is proud to be supporting one of our clients and CEO of charity
organisation Youngcare, Marina Vit in preparing to take on the huge challenge of
trekking across the Simpson Desert.

The trek, embarked on by 25 incredible people will cover 320km and over 1000 sand
dunes in 10 days, in an effort to raise funds and awareness of the lack of age
appropriate care and accommodation available for young people with high care needs. 

                       (The Simpson Desert Challenge Trekking Group)

Marina has now been training intensely for six months. 'Having not one athletic bone
in my body, I knew this would be a serious physical challenge. But with training well
advanced I reckon the physical is do-able,' Marina said.

And with the help of fitness experts Adventure 1000, Marina and her colleague's
chances are looking pretty good. Marina's training week consists of three hard core
sessions, focusing on core strength, a 1.5 hour stair climbing session (with backpack
on of course) and an endurance walk each weekend covering between 20-40km. To
ensure she is more than prepared for the challenge that lies ahead, Marina is also
completing three sessions a week with her own personal trainer, also a Body
Leadership client, Belinda Wasowski

                 (Youngcare CEO Marina Vit (right) with colleague Bronwyn)

To add to the physical exhaustion and mental test the trek poses, Marina and her
colleagues have added another challenge to the mix, each trekker aims to raise
$35,000 which will contribute to the great work Youngcare does.

The Simpson Desert Challenge will be an experience of a lifetime, and will give a greater
understanding of the isolation and difficulties faced by young people with high care
needs. Like the Simpson Desert, the environment for young Australians with full time
care needs can be harsh, isolating, and unaccomodating.

'The most important thing is that people understand that this issue exists,' Marina said.

'Most Australians don't ever contemplate the fact that something catastrophic could

Marina said for the 6500 young people living in aged-care facilities, and the 700,000
cared for at home, there were few adequate care facilities.

                                 (Trekkers hill training session)

To find out more about the Simpson Desert Challenge of the great work that Youngcare
does, you can visit their website at www.youngcare.com.au or follow them on 
Facebook & Twitter.

We wish Marina and her fellow trekkers all the best with their training and hope we
can assist in giving some helpful tips to get them through this amazing challenge.