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😎Free Sleep Position Sheet To Wake Up Fresh This Holiday…No Matter What Bed You Get!🛏️ 🏨


Paul here,

Hope 2019 has been amazing! If you’re anything like me you’ll be ready for a rest and if you’re staying with in-laws or travelling, SLEEP is huge in prep for 2020. In fact we know sleep deprivation has a major effect on mood, brain function as well as motor performance.* Need all the help we can get over the festive season!!

Big thing you can use and we should be teaching our kids is don’t leave muscles on stretch at night. They will tighten up and the trigger points can ‘activate’ (cause pain). So this is a cool way to help yourself if you’re tight to wake up fresh and ready to go.

Here it is:

Coorparoo Physio servicing adjoining suburbs Camp Hill, Greenslopes, Carina

On your side: having the pillow (or doona) between knees is important. Keeps the muscles off stretch. Head in the midline, not too high or too low. I use a folded towel at home to get it just right. Finally, hug a pillow to support arm and torso.

On back, keep one pillow under knees to take hip flexors off stretch. Head in midline (often with a folded towel again). You increase your odds of waking up feeling fresh, free and ready to take on the world.

We finish up this Saturday, the 21st and reopen on Thursday, 2nd of January. Do your body check now. If you’re tight or have niggles call us and we’ll squeeze you in before the break.

Enjoy your last week leading into Christmas!!

Physio Paul Trevethan Treat and Empower for life

Paul Trevethan

BL Physio


*June J. Pilcher and Allen 1. Huffcutt. Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Performance: A Meta-Analysis, American Sleep Disorders Association and Sleep Research Society, 1996

PS: Our aim is to share information that helps you live an active life now and into the future.

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