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Pain Relief the Smart Way

At BL Physio we believe you shouldn’t have to live with pain. The first step towards achieving your goal is to understand your body.
  • Know there are components to pain that need to be tackled in very specific ways.
  • Get a clear diagnosis and treatment plan that treats the underlying cause.
  • Know goals, time frames, number of treatments, cost, so everything is clear.
  • Be shown how to help yourself forever using SSTM®, so that if tightness or niggles happen you can nip it in the bud for life.
easing pain

Helping people achieve their goals and then empowering them to tackle their own tension and pain is something we’ve been doing at BL Physio since starting 16 years ago – Supporting our people in the clinic but also through creating online resources including the Running Injury Free Revolution as well as SSTM® Injury Prevention Programs. Through our experience in helping and then teaching you to support and help yourself, we find two keys that are paramount to understand.


Before we share the strategies to ease pain, there are extremely important rules we use to achieve your body goals. It’s what has helped us get results but also put you in the drivers’ seat to manage your body for years to come.

  1. Understand muscles at the highest level and know how they tighten or ‘lock’ —muscles play a role in almost all injury and pain conditions. There are two tightening mechanisms you have to know because if you understand the ‘locks’ you can learn the ‘keys’.
  2. Our physios use specific SSTM® treatment techniques to ‘muscle hack’ pain – SSTM® is basically your ‘key’ mechanism. Four treatment strategies that link into how the brain controls muscles. We use it to take pressure off nerves, relieve pain and importantly give you a personal SSTM® toolkit of skills to nip problems in the bud long term.

To learn more contact us to make a time or ask to speak to a physio. You can call us on 07 3847 8040, Email us at [email protected] or submit a form on our Contact Us page.

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