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Helping people target goals


Our job as physiotherapists is simple: we have to identify your goal and create a plan to help you achieve it. We want to know in detail what is going on with your body. Where you want to be, and when you need to be there. Your goal is our goal and every decision is targeted to your best outcome. 


Choose your goal:

Get back to sport

Sometimes you just want to get back to doing what you love. Be it running, tri’s, dance…whatever. You want to ease you’re pain and get back on the horse. You need to know the cause, get hands on, one on one attention to free the tightness, target strength gaps and get a specific SSTM® toolkit to put you back in control. Your personal physio can work with you to create a plan, give you clarity on time frames, cost and expected outcomes.

At BL Physio we have created over 300 resources aimed at helping you with technique, SSTM® release strategy and strength so that you have references to help you now and always:

  • RIF REV: When starting running, it’s hard to know how to use correct technique that works for you.
  • Achieving Goals Series: We want to know your questions and give you the answers to helping and empowering you to achieve goals and ease pain for life.
  • Be pain free

Our job as physios can sometimes be pretty clear. You might simply want to ease pain and that’s cool. You’ll need a definitive diagnosis and then you can work to a treatment schedule with measured outcomes and clear goals. Your physio will target pain straight away, but also empower you with a toolkit of skills to best link in and help the cause of your pain today, tomorrow and into the future.

Train for an event

If you have an A race, tournament, whatever- you want to optimise performance and stay on track. We believe the secrets our elites use to achieve goals should available to you too. Be it efficient running, swimming strategy to improve form, optimal bike position. Whatever you do, the 1 percenters are there for you. We can set a plan to keep you on track.

What if my goals aren’t sport?

No worries! We care about your quality of life. Sport goals are great, but life goals are so important too. Getting back to work, easing pain, walking the dog, being able to play with kids and grandkids down the track. That’s number one at the end of the day. If you’re active or not, elite or not, the same techniques we use for our athletes are available for you too, because your goals matter! We’ll help you make a plan to achieve them then teach you your SSTM® home program to stay good for life.


The key to easing pain and achieving your body goals is getting help to diagnose accurately and get a detailed plan that maps out the steps. Treatment to free your stuff up is important. So is strength and finally technique so it doesn’t happen again.

At BL Physio we can help you every step of the way. To get going call or email to book a time or ask for one of our physios to chat about your specific condition and exactly where you want to be.

To learn more contact us to make a time or ask to speak to a physio. You can call us on 07 3847 8040, Email us at [email protected] or submit a form on our Contact Us page.

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