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A smart way to look after your body


We began teaching SSTM® muscle hack techniques in 2010. It all started when we were looking after a patient with hearing impairment. Writing notes back and forth, explaining how we free up muscles for our athletes and how he could use them too.

We wrote the words, SQUEEZE, STRETCH, TRIGGER and MOVE with a quick explanation of each strategy. Since then, we’ve shown over 6,000 different patients how to free muscles up, trained another 8,000 in injury prevention programs and created over 300 videos across three sites with well over 3 million views.

You see, the stuff that works for elite athletes works for all of us. We know: SSTM® is one of the most valuable tools for helping yourself and nipping problems in the bud long term.

SSTM® gives you a framework to help muscles. It has enabled our athletes to understand warning signs in the body and be able to tackle risk factors even when they are on the other side of the world. You can get more from your body and make the most of sport, work, family, every moment in life.

find the power in SSTM

Here are some links to some muscle hack videos that you will find helpful:

We’re excited to help you ease pain with treatment then empower you to manage your body long term! To get started give us a call to make a time.

To learn more contact us to make a time or ask to speak to a physio. You can call us on 07 3847 8040, email us at [email protected] or submit a form on our Contact Us page.

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