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Managing your body is a Way of Life…

At BL Physio we’re here to help ease your pain and move towards your goals. We work with you, showing you what is happening with your specific condition and importantly, how you can start to take control and help yourself using SSTM® long term.


What is SSTM® Muscle Management

We originally developed SSTM® so that people just like you could start to be empowered to understand your own condition and then help yourself long term. We were treating a hearing-impaired person who had tension and pain in his neck and shoulders. He was moving out of the area and we were explaining back and forth with notes, how there are four strategies you can use to ease tension that can lead to pain in your body over life. We wrote down the words: SQUEEZE, STRETCH, TRIGGER, MOVE (SSTM®), and a short explanation after each.

SSTM® is a group of highly effective treatment techniques that we use as practitioners that also forms a framework of home skills for empowering you at all ages and stages, to nip problems in the bud, stay injury free and get more out of life.

At BL Physio, everyone gets a specific, tailored SSTM® program as part of your plan. These skills then become part of YOUR body toolkit throughout life so you can be in control.

We would love to help you. If you want to book a time or even talk to one of our physios regarding SSTM® for your specific condition you can call us on 07 3847 8040, Email us at [email protected] or submit a form on our Contact Us page.

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